This Seasons Summer Trends

With all of the filters and misconceptions masking what’s real anymore as a result of social media, embracing what’s natural about you, accepting and accentuating this is a key summer trend- therefore less is more.

Hair scrunchies – these are better for your hair than hair elastics and allow you to dress up or down and match any summery outfit you might have. Any heat-free hair styling techniques that allow your hair to breathe and retain their most natural state are most beneficial.

Image result for hailey bieber scrunchie

Bucket Hats – are trending this coming Summer. Being sun safe and making a fashion statement can now be cool again.

Image result for candice swanepoel bucket hat

Organic Sun Cream- brands like Seeja, True Naturals, Badger, All Good and Nature Brands contain paraben and chemical free ingredients!

SPF Organic Tinted Moisturizer – for a light and natural coverage after a day wearing the previously mentioned sun creams, a night wear foundation alternative includes the below tinted moisturizers- which still lightly cover but dress you up for a nice, natural dewy base. Inika, Ilia, Kosas and Mukti are all certified organic brands that offer natural and tinted moisturizers.

90’s lipstick – Like everything in fashion and beauty, trends come and go in full circle and this year- 90’s makeup seems to be coming back. This lip method includes choosing a matte or satin shade that suits your skin tone, overdrawing your lips with the darker shade and then filling in the rest with the lighter tone. The below example is from Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty 90’s Glam Matte Lipstick and 90’s Glam Lip Liner collection.

Image result for 90s lipstick kim

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