5 Places to See Soon..

Africa – 

Besides Cape Town being a new trend for the turnover of each New Year and having not yet been, African Safari is another huge drawcard for me to this beautiful and majestic country.
For years I’ve been wanting to see The Great Migration – when wildebeest, zebra and gazelle migrate annually towards the north together across the dry plains from Tanzania to Kenya in search of food, water and richer grazing plains. I’ve been told amazing stories about different Safari experiences and each one makes me super emotional thinking about how much longer we have left to preserve these animals and their environments before humans wipe them all out, which makes Africa my number one spot to see soon!

Rome – 

Although I’ve travelled to different parts of Italy- and thoroughly enjoyed each of these destinations and the authentic Italian cuisines- I haven’t been through it’s capital city yet! 
Rome, being so rich in history and culture- is definitely on my to do list. Although I’ve seen many photos from friends and family, I want to throw my own coins into the Trevi Fountain, then explore the Colosseum, visit St Peters Basilica, see the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, the Vatican Museums, and the Sistine Chapel for myself- just to name a few. Growing up a Catholic, I would be interested to see the architecture and roots of where this religion was renowned and historically practiced.

St Tropez – 

Again, I’ve done other parts of the South of France, but I haven’t yet been to St Tropez. After seeing other parts of the South of France it feels like somewhere you would feel rather privileged to live. Somewhere you reside after you’ve worked hard and reap its surroundings as your reward. It has picturesque beaches and a cleanliness you can’t flaw. It’s got all of the glitz and glamour from the rich and famous passing through, and a superior air about it that is truly breathtaking. 
With Monaco being not far away and worthy of a stop over –  I am looking forward to seeing the prestige and glamour of both places and ticking them off my to do list.

Berlin – 

I’m very interested to see Berlin as I believe it has an interesting mix of eclectic history and modern art. I’m told it has the same hipster and contemporary vibes as Amsterdam or East side London. Having vast offerings of historical relevance after World War II and the Cold War, I think an average day would entail plenty of sight seeing accompanied by a night out afterward in an exclusive, locals-only venue like Berghain – one the world most exclusive nightspots. This world famous club only lets local people inside, those who can speak German and are dressed down in all black. Not that I’m particularly interested in having wild and raging late nights or hangovers- it would more be about the challenge of being able to get in – like when you were 18 and underage all over again!

Morocco – 

For some reason I’ve had an urge to see Morocco for many years now. It seems to have everything to offer from the Sahara desert on one side, to ski slopes on the other, treks up the Atlas mountains, beaches by the Atlantic coast, spice and flea markets and traditional cooking classes to offer. It also has the historical appeal for me, being a sanctuary for the migrating Jews during WWII, accompanied by many other religious tombs and mosques open for visitation. Marrakesh is a particular tourist attraction for all of this- which also has the Yves Saint Laurent museum to satisfy any craving and appreciation for art, craft, fashion, design and textiles. 

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